Saturday, April 10, 2010

Coney Island USA Fundraising Gala & Brooklyn Exposed Event

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of promotional events and market boosting but, as tiring as it's been, it's all turning out to be worth it. 

We have a great deal of new and exciting things on the horizon but, it is still a little premature for us to go shouting things off the, in the meantime, we will keep you on the edge of your seats and fill you in on some pretty cool stuff that has taken place in Brooklyn Treat Shoppe's world over the last few weeks.

On March 25th, we sponsored the Coney Island USA's Spring Fundraising Gala where all proceeds went directly towards funding CIUSA’s many unique programs as well as the fight to preserve Coney Island’s historic amusement district.

Coney Island has a great deal of spirit.  My mother and her family lived there when she was a child right above the famous Totonno's Pizzaria on Neptune Ave. My Father's parents were winners of Dance Contests in the late 1930's/early 1940's and many of my grandmother's famous stories took place either on the beaches of Coney or on her trolley rides from Sunset Park to the Boardwalk.

As a magical place that welcomed our family so many years ago, we felt the need to step up to the plate and help make this event as fabulous as it possibly could be.  Our intent was to do everything we could to help keep the magic alive.  With that, this was the debut appearance of the Brooklyn Treat Shoppe Girls - and they are officially here to stay! 

You can now hire the Brooklyn Treat Shoppe Girls to pass our treats out at YOUR next event!

We maintained a pin-up vibe while we schmoozed and passed out bitesized cupcakes and cheesecakes to the VIP's - including Queen Mermaid Laurie Anderson & King Neptune Lou Reed (!!!) - and the general admission crowd alike.  We were delighted with the way the crowd took to us - making us feel like Coney Island celebrity!

You can see more pictures of the Coney Island USA's 2010 Spring Fundraising Gala - including images of all  the performers at CIUSA's Flickr page.

We had such a blast working with Coney Island USA and hope to be working with them again in the near future...keep your eyes peeled...we're just sayin' ;)

As if working with Coney Island USA wasn't enough, we also sponsored Brooklyn Exposed's Website Launch event on April 7th at Littlefield in Brooklyn's Gowanus neighborhood.

Brooklyn Exposed is your guide to everything Brooklyn!  Think of a Yelp or CitySearch for Brooklyn - and Brooklyn alone! 
We were so happy to meet so many Brooklyn foodies and share our bite sized cheesecakes with them.  (OK, OK, we were even happy to meet the foodies from other boroughs too!)

Please take a moment to check out Brooklyn Treat Shoppe's review page at Brooklyn Exposed and write a little review about us. We would totally appreciate it!

We also took this opportunity to introduce Brooklyn to our brand new flavor..........

Strawberry Banana Cheesecake
A creamy banana cheesecake over a crunchy graham cracker crust topped with our homemade strawberry jam. 

This is the first in our new line of cheesecakes featuring our homemade jams, jellies and preserves.

As you can  see, we've got lots of wheels turning.  So, stay in touch with us as we continue to bring you the best Brooklyn's got to dessert form!

Ciao for now,