Saturday, January 23, 2010

Family Owned and Operated Since 2009

What's it like to run a family owned and operated businees, you ask?  HA!  You couldn't even imagine.

Grandma helps wash the dishes, brother's scoop cookies - and then some - mom is learning to drive "like she has a cake in the car", dad is the official/unofficial "Regional Sales Driector".

And me?  Well...I bake, take care of the marketing, create new recipes, test said recipes and am becoming an all around pro at being just like Bugs Bunny in that episode where he plays baseball..."Bugs Bunny at the plate, Bugs Bunny pitches the ball...he swings...Bugs is in right field" eh - you get the drift.

Are you sorry you asked what a family business is like?  Don't be. 

With all of it's intense family drama (uh - did I mention we are all hot blooded Italians?!) at the end of the day, it brings us all closer and is teaching us how to communicate with each other on a totally different, EVERY 20 minutes! 

I always appreciate the days when my brother Michael comes to the kitchen to help out.  Someone that never baked before in his life - other than a store bought mix - is now learning a brand new skill set...and he's damn good at it too! 

We blast the music - sing and dance and seriously have a really awesome the end of the day we step back and see just how much more we accomplished than planned while having so much fun...most importantly, together. 

This awesome bonding experience has taught me just how much the members of my family share.  Personality traits, similar laughs or even the way we all say certain words the same...gotta love that Brooklyn accent! 

It all reminds me of why I started this buisness to begin with.  Home.  As cliche as it sounds, it all goes back to home.

So...this blog thing is new to me but, join me and Brooklyn Treat Shoppe on this journey. 
Laugh with us, cry with us and most of all - eat with us!
Ciao for now,